Tracey and OC tackle the Tom Hanks classic Big. Come hear Tracey sing her lyrics to chopsticks and read our sexiest ending yet. #TitsOut #CatsBum This one is sure to delight. Also, some weirdly timely Brexit talk and political chatter. Thanks to @Midnightsmoke1 @PantslessShorts and @KaotisInfinitum for the submissions. Also, big love to @YogurtPodcast and […]

Return Of The Jedi

Octopus/Caveman and Tracey Morgan are finally back with Return of the Jedi. Big thanks to our listeners and folks who have written in. You will hear why but, we REALLY could not have done it with out you. Big thanks to our submissions from: @FacesAndAcesLV @Midnightsmoke1 @PantslessShorts @KaotisInfinitum

Interview With Tracey Morgan Author of Searching For Candy

Octopus/Caveman and Peter celebrate the life of John Candy. This week we take a break from movies and have a conversation with the charming Tracey Morgan. Tracey is the author of Searching for Candy a soon to be released biography on John Candy. We had a great time speaking with Tracey and we hope you […]