OC and Tracey are back. This is definitely an adult episode. So put the kiddies to bed. OC has discovered erotic fan fiction and is delighted to share. Thanks to our contributers @KaotisInfinitum @PantslessShorts and @AmandaTheHoser and thanks to @Midnightsmoke1 just because we love him. Submit your ending for our next episode on where […]


Tracey and OC tackle the Tom Hanks classic Big. Come hear Tracey sing her lyrics to chopsticks and read our sexiest ending yet. #TitsOut #CatsBum This one is sure to delight. Also, some weirdly timely Brexit talk and political chatter. Thanks to @Midnightsmoke1 @PantslessShorts and @KaotisInfinitum for the submissions. Also, big love to @YogurtPodcast and […]


Tracey Morgan and Octopus/Caveman ruin the ending of the James Cameron classic, Titanic, with a little help from your submissions. Bring your life jacket, this one gets interesting. Find Tracey Morgan @Traceymixedbag on Twitter or at Find Octopus/Caveman @octopuscaveman on Twitter, on a bunch of podcasts and wherever music is sold/stolen but please don’t […]


Tracey Morgan and Octopus/Caveman tackle the 80’s classic Splash, with the help of their wonderful friends. Thank you for the wonderful submissions. Don’t forget to submit for next week’s episode, Titanic, on and feel free to toss us a shilling or a peso if you like what we do.