Interview With Tracey Morgan Author of Searching For Candy

Octopus/Caveman and Peter celebrate the life of John Candy.

This week we take a break from movies and have a conversation with the charming Tracey Morgan. Tracey is the author of Searching for Candy a soon to be released biography on John Candy. We had a great time speaking with Tracey and we hope you will enjoy it as well. Not only do we get Tracey to share several stories from her time researching for the book, but we somehow end up in a minor dispute over the quality of Space Balls The Movie.

We are excited to support her work, hopefully you will as well. Follow Tracey on Twitter, visit her Website or her Facebook Page. You can also reserve yourself a copy of her book and more on Indiegogo.

One thought on “Interview With Tracey Morgan Author of Searching For Candy

  1. Been talking to Tracey about my friendship with John for years now. She is a great kid and the real deal. She is truly honouring my old friend. Your site is great!

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