Welcome Back Igor and Egnar

Octopus/Caveman is back with Welcome Back. He and Pro Israel Jenna embark on their epic podcast journey together.
At the top of the show, Siri learns a lesson about Sean “Puffy” Combs and Jenna learns that OC is a legitimate musician.
A rumor is started connecting Steve Perry and Jenna during Jenna’s Ke$ha Korner. We also learn about Jenna’s Gnome obsession.
The pair work on a new children’s book and Leonard Cohen and Edgar Allen Poe are featured in OC’s Poetry Korner.
To close the show, the duo answer a question from @BigDaddyJimmyV
Our apologies to Robin, AKA @wellsbells41 for slaughtering your hard work being our news girl.
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Jenna @DarkSwanTaco or @BoneDownShow
And be sure to buy OC’s music wherever music is sold or stolen.
Thank you Spiderman.